We carry a full line of forklift battery changing equipment from portable units that work with a walkie pallet truck, to overhead gantry cranes to vertically lift the battery out of a forklift. See the many types of battery handling equipment available from Wilson Barrett to make changing your forklift battery easy and efficient.

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Check out these products that can help you manage your forklift battery and charger fleet. Your forklift battery and charger are substantial investments and it makes good business sense to manage them properly. There are products available that can help you save time and money, from devices that monitor your battery usage to products that streamline your charging operations. .


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Handling and working around a forklift battery is dangerous and should only be done by a skilled professional. There are many safety products available. See some of the safety and personal protective equipment available from Wilson Barrett to protect your employees from forklift battery acid along with safety signs for your forklift battery room.

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Most industrial forklift batteries need to be watered at proper intervals. Watering systems and watering monitors help make this job easier and help protect your battery investment. We have full watering kits and systems, blinky lights, and replacement parts.


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