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Forklift charging basics – What happens?
When a forklift battery is connected to a charger, DC current is distributed through the battery in a direction opposite to that which occurred during the discharge process. If a forklift battery is to be charged on a conventional charger, it is important to ensure that the capacity of the charger is correctly matched to that of the battery. Failure to do so will result in permanent damage to the battery, charger or both.


How often do you need to charge a forklift battery?
You need to charge the battery when it reaches 80% depth of discharge (DoD).


How long will a forklift run on a single charge?
This depends on how long it takes to reach 80% DoD. A healthy battery in a properly sized forklift, should ideally last a full eight hour shift.


Can I charge my forklift battery if I only have 120 volt power available?
Typical standard industrial battery chargers require 208/240/or480 VAC. A small 110 volt input charger may be used temporarily, but will take upwards of 12 hours to fully recharge the battery. Extended use (over one week) will cause battery damage.


How long does it take to charge a battery to completion?
A standard high quality conventional charger, properly matched to the battery, should fully charge it within eight hours. The Hawker LIFEPLUS® TC3-W charger or the Hawker Powertech™ charger are high frequency chargers which employ the patented Ionic™ charge profile. These chargers can significantly reduce charge times.


Can old chargers work on new forklift batteries?
Yes. A well maintained older charger can do the job. The operative word here is “maintained”. Older technology chargers can appear to be working properly but be delivering only a fraction of their rated capacity. Have them inspected and serviced regularly by a trained charger technician


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