Eyewash and emergency shower facilities

The kinds of equipment available for eyewash and acid neutralization vary widely as to capability and cost. Regardless of the equipment selected, it should be located in the immediate work area. The three most popular types of equipment are described below.


Portable Eyewash Stations

These kits allow you to have an eyewash station virtually anywhere because no plumbing is required. Portable stations can be hung on a wall in the battery charging area or where batteries are serviced. Quick Cable’s portable eyewash station has a nine gallon capacity. It meets OSHA & ANSI 2358.1 standard for a full 15 minute capacity of flushing time eye wash station. It includes an anti-bacterial additive for use in eyewash station to protect the water for up to six months


Eyewash fountain

A water fountain-type of device with two openings that facilitate washing both eyes at once. This type of safety equipment is useful when 1.400 specific gravity acid is regularly used for gravity adjustment, etc.


Deluge Shower

This is a shower-type device with a handle or foot treadle for turning it on full force. When high specific gravity sulfuric acid (above 1.400) is handled regularly, it is recommended that a deluge shower and an eyewash station be installed.


eye wash station

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