How to take care of forklift batteries – 11 rules

  1. ALWAYS complete one full discharge and charge cycle when battery is placed in service for the first time. Only after this initial first cycle is completed, check and add approved water if needed. NEVER add acid.
  2. NEVER discharge battery beyond 80%, and do not operate battery if the specific gravity is below 1.150 sg for Powerline™, Waterless®, and Top Power®, and 1.175 sg for Energy-Plus™.
  3. If the battery is above 115○ F, allow battery to cool before charging or operating. Contact your Wilson Barrett sale rep for fast charge applications.
  4. Keep electrolytes levels above separator protector and 1/4” below the vent well.
  5. Keep battery top dry and clean.
  6. Keep vent caps tightly in place. Before removing a vent cap, make sure personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn.
  7. Keep open flame and metal objects away from battery top. NEVER wear jewelry on hands or wrists when handling batteries.
  8. Calibrate or adjust truck lift interrupt for correct voltage cutoff. This should be determined by 80% depth of discharge of the battery.
  9. Use only approved chargers of correct voltage and current output.
  10. Keep battery cover or truck compartment open and well ventilated during charging.
  11. When in doubt, call Wilson Barrett Battery Power Systems 1-888-538-4490.


Forklift battery care

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